By nathan

Embroidered Photographs and Collaborative Collages

A common critique of photographys is the flatness of the image. Chilean artist Jose Romussi, however, disagrees. Using careful collaging and diligent embroidery, the Berlin-based artist has been exploring the relationship between the visual and tangible since 2010 using both found images and photographs created in collaboration with artists such as Rocio Aguirre and Amanda Charchian.

As Romussi loops the multi-colored floss in and out of the photographs upon which he intervenes, he varies the tautness of each segment and creates a textured tapestry of tight knits and stray strings hanging loose. Of his project, he says, “It’s the chance to give the images a new emotion, a new life, and a new interpretation of beauty through embroidering”.

Images © Jose Romussi

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