By Mark Sinclair


The 62nd TDC Communication Design Competition (TDC62) and the 19th Annual TDC Typeface Design Competition (TDC 2016) are now open for entries.

Winning submissions are published in the hardback TSC Annual, Typography 37, and will also form part of a touring exhibition set to visit eight locations in 2016.

Last year, Tom Hingston won Best in Show in the Communication Design competition for his video for David Bowie track, Sue (Or in a Season of Crime) – images shown, below.

For the new campaign for the competition, Bobby Martin of The Original Champions of Design took the them of the ‘designer as athlete’ and the ‘sport’ of design.

“The training, hard work, blood, sweat and tears that make up each great design that always looks so easily done is the key message of the campaign,” say TDC. An additional element in the campaign’s graphics is the use of past type designer winners typefaces.

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This year’s communication design competition is co-chaired by TDC board member Karl Heine (creativeplacement) and Abby Goldstein (Fordham University).

The judges are:

Darhil Crooks The Atlantic Magazine, New York
Sagi Haviv Chermayeff, Geismar & Haviv, New York
Robbin Schiff Penguin Random House, New York
Jarik van Sluijis PIC Agency, Los Angeles
Karen Welman PearlFisher, UK
Forest Young Interbrand, New York
Julia Zeltser Hyperakt, New York

TDC 2016 is co-chaired by Cara DiEdwardo (The Cooper Union) and Craig Ward (Words are Pictures).

The judges are:

Veronika Burian TypeTogether, Czech Republic
Stéphane Elbaz Stéphane Elbaz, New York
Alexander Tochilovsky The Lubalin Center, The Cooper Union, NY
Petr van Blokland Buro Petr van Blokland + Claudia Mens, Netherlands

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