By Glenn Fleishman

Jay Keim writes in with a sensitive question:

I have a refurbished 27ʺ iMac. I tried to install Adobe Creative Cloud on it and I got the error code that it could not be installed on a case-sensitive drive. So I backed everything up using Time Machine and an external hard drive and formated the drive to Mac OS Extended (Journaled). But when I restored using Time Machine it went back to Mac OS Extended (case-sensitive, Journaled). How do I make this computer non-case-sensitive?

You are not the only person to encounter this, but how frustrating when you weren’t the one who caused the problem. Case sensitivity is an option in formatting, because Unix and Unix-similar operating systems always allowed case sensitivity. That is, they could distinguish between files that were “spelled” identically, but used a different mix of upper-case and lower-case letters. In case-sensitive filesystems, file.txt, FILE.TXT, and File.txt are all unique names.

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