Every project is different and has its own style. A huge part in all this comes down to what font you are using. That’s why it’s great to have a variety of typeface styles at your disposal. Buying them one by one is usually expensive so I mostly wait until there are discounts or there’s a rare great quality bundle.

19 font families with over 219 individual fonts

The Complete Font Lover’s Library contains 19 font families with over 219 individual fonts with a large variety of styles like sans-serif, serif, slab, display, gothic, scripted, and hand-brushed fonts. You only have so much money you can spend so I’m quite picky when it comes down to buying. This collection has some of the best sellers from 2016. There’s enough versatility in this bundle to handle any project. Some even are complete type systems! Many fonts also include extra weights, styles and stylistic alternates. Many fonts also include bonus/extras packs and additional creative resources. Below you’ll see what I mean.


Taberna is a type system that provides a wide range of choices for any design project. The typeface comes in Sans and Serif layered versions plus a monolinear Script font.


The creator Sofia Mohr says “This font is the result of merging my architectural background and my love for typography, which inspired me to create a system of fonts based on interior architecture design, furniture design and, especially, the love I feel for my home”.


Antonietta is Mauricio Astete Brito’s first typeface, which is inspired by the eccentricity of the rococo style and Queen Marie Antoinette’s wild personality. This project, supervised by the Latinotype Team, was born from the idea of turning lettering into a digital typeface. Antonietta is based on the Copperplate style and inspired by the works of, among others, Hermann Zapf, Ricardo Rousselot and Herb Lubalin.


Fairwater’s aesthetic derives from three sources: the cursive handwriting styles popularized in the early to mid 1900s, the simplified, forgiving letterforms of tattoo lettering – and the pictorial themes that informed early-to-mid 20th-century naval tattoos.


A lively upright script based on letters inked with a pointed pen. In its default setting, Caprizant is understated and readable enough to use at smaller sizes — in short blocks of body copy it can easily mimic beautiful handwriting. Alternates of every letter, plus dozens of ligatures, provide convincingly human variation.


Both casual and upscale, Renata features inviting, unpretentious letterforms, stroked by the hand of an experienced calligrapher with a small brush-tipped pen. Renata has a fluid, languorous look that suggests elegance, quality, and a handcrafted touch.

Five Boroughs

In honor of New York’s Five Boroughs, this font set was designed to be reminiscent of the Big Apple: gritty and smooth; rugged yet soft; rough, beautiful and versatile. You may need a Glyphs Panel to access the ligatures and end characters.


A rustic, dapper handwritten font with a personal charm. With quick dry strokes and a signature style, Northwell is perfect for branding projects, homeware designs, product packaging – or simply as a stylish text overlay to any background image.

Tooth & Nail Dry Brush Font

A rustic and hearty hand-painted dry brush font, designed to work in both all-caps as well as lowercase. It also includes a bonus vector pack, featuring 24 elements designed to boost your text and reaffirm it’s hand-made style.

Echo Soul Font Duo

A free-flowing and carefree brush font duo, hand painted with love. With elongated brush strokes and a natural flow, it’s the perfect choice for handwritten quotes, product packaging, and logo designs with a personal and affectionate touch.

Bourton Type Family

Kimmy Design’s Bourton Type Family was named one of the top fonts of 2016 on MyFonts.com. Bourton boasts more layering options, stylistic alternatives, graphic extras and even comes with its own script font!

American Oak

If you are drawn to the beautiful typography of Whiskey, Gin, Rum & Bourbon bottle labels you’ll love American Oak.

Jazz Script

Jazz Script is a groovy font family of two weights to the Script, a vivid set of Caps and a gorgeous set of Extras to spice up your designs, or create custom letters with extra swashes.


Isabel was made out of necessity to create a new font for children and teenagers, that could be friendly and versatile enough for text in words or even easy-to-read long texts.


Mercenary is a geometric font family made up of seven weights with italics. Great for almost any use, Mercenary is a versatile workhorse typeface. Mercenary has a neutral feel, allowing it to be used on numerous projects across different platforms.


Abrade is a geometric sans serif with rational design choices for contemporary functionality. The family is designed with a medium x-height to provided great legibility in both display and text sizes. The forms are refined to work well in print and on screen.


Fourth is a contemporary round hand script with a classic feel. If you love Bethany Heck’s work you’ll want this one. It draws inspiration from classic Americana – baseball scripts, sign painting and branding. The family consists of seven weights with ornament extras for good variety in layout and logo development.


Rail is the best conveyance mechanism for your written communication. Precision, innovation and experience are the main foundation for this grandeur slab serif.


Cocogoose Basic is a geometric sans serif typeface designed with straight, monolinear lines and circular or square shapes. Its strong, modernist look has been softened by rounded corners and slight visual corrections that make Cocogoose Basic not only perfect for logos and headings with a vintage feel, but also very readable as a text font, thanks to its generous x-height.

My Favorites

I’ve managed to knock off a few from my wishlist with this bundle. My personal favorites are Taberna, Hogar, Northwell, Tooth & Nail, Bourton and Fourth.

Limited time bundle!

I’m pretty sure every font lover will appreciate this bundle. I sure did! Now all I need are a few projects where I can use them 🙂 Whether you’re looking for an elegant scripted font, or a bold display font, this collection includes every style you could ever need imho. They all come with extended licensing usable for commercial and all fonts include web versions as well. Pretty incredible for just $29! Limited time deal!

Get the Complete Font Lover’s Library bundle for $29

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