Time to save money again for all you creatives out there. For only $29 you can update your design toolbox with this trendy collection of exceptional textures and patterns, including foils, abstract, marble, art deco, chalk, fruit patterns as well as texture brushes…

Every design project is different, one day you might be creating a corporate brochure, the next day you could be designing a vintage restaurant menu. This kind of diversity gives us those creative challenges we love. That’s why it’s important to have a varied library of resources to call upon for support. This new premium resources bundle has you covered when it comes to be up to date and on trend with this collection of exceptional Textures and Patterns. The content of this vast and varied bundle is overflowing with abstract, marble, art deco, chalk, fruit textures and patterns as well as texture brushes… the list goes on!

Go have a look as it can be yours for a fraction of their total value. Despite paying just $29 instead of their regular price tag ($3683), each item comes with extended licensing, which covers you for all commercial work and items you created for resale, such as merchandise and printed products. Follow the link below to view the complete collection in full detail and judge the quality and quantity of all the individual items for yourself.

Buy The Exceptional Textures and Patterns Bundle

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