By Katy Cowan

When it comes to visual storytelling, New York City’s Keziban Barry is a master, specialising in fashion editorials, cinematic shorts, and architectural portraiture that play on light and expression to create mood and emotion.

In her series The Eye Travels, her powerful images are based around the theme of a woman wrapped in nostalgia and solitude, trying to pry open a new life for herself. Perhaps escaping from something profound, or simply contemplating a happier existence.

Keziban’s artwork captures the light of an individual, the essence of a moment and the narrative of a life. Being self-taught, she developed her style by taking inspiration from her academic and global upbringing. She infuses her work with fashion, literary, cinematic, musical and historical references to help capture the “just before” and “just after” mise-en-scène of a momentous action.

Although she resides in the Big Apple, she loves the opportunity to travel for clients and explore foreign lands. There is always a new face to discover, new lands to traverse and new influences to cull into her work. You can discover more of her enticing, visual stories at

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