Finding good quality fonts can be extremely time-consuming, not to mention really expensive! Luckily there’s a brand new font $29 bundle with 15 hand-picked typefaces, containing 200 individual fonts, chosen specifically for their quality and versatility.

This new Font Lover’s Versatile bundle have some the best-selling fonts from foundries such as Latinotype, Tobias Saul, Fenotype to name just a few. To my knowledge it is already difficult to find a single font with these usage terms for $29, never-mind 15 fonts with web font variants!  Enjoy the benefits of multiple weights, extensive language support, contextual alternates, and all the finer details that come with world class fonts, all at 98% off for a limited time only. I’ve collected quite the collection by keeping an eye on these bundles. Don’t miss it!

Buy the Font Lover’s Versatile Library

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