By Patrick Burgoyne

Walk With Path, Path Finder

Problem/Solution Award
A category offering the chance for those who have an innovative concept or answer to a health need to further develop their concept, and bring it into the spotlight.

Activ8rlives (BuddyWOTCH)
A smartwatch device (shown above) that solves known problems of continuous monitoring of oxygen levels in COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) patients by motivating physical activity and recording medication, food and liquid intake.

BuddyWOTCH (Walking Oxygen Temperature Camera Heartrate) accurately forewarns of possible respiratory failure and therefore through early intervention allows patients and their families to self-manage their condition at home and avoid acute exacerbations. It is supported by consumer health monitoring devices and apps.

Walk With Path, Path Finder

Independent Living Award
This category looks for an innovation or solution that supports quality of life management.

Walk With Path (Path Finder)
An assistive aid (shown above) to facilitate gait in vulnerable groups; primarily the elderly and people suffering with neurological conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease.

Path Finder helps prevent the ‘gait disturbances’ that cause falls, such as the sensation of the feet remaining ‘glued to the floor’ known as freezing of gait (FoG). A pair of shoes with lasers at the front project green lines ahead as the person walks, activated by a sensor in each heel that monitors the user’s walking pattern and pace. The concept is currently being clinically tested in collaboration with a university in The Netherlands, as well as research completed with patients, their carers and scientific experts.

Preventicus portal

Health and Care Award
Highlighting the consumer health tech solution that has had the most positive impact for healthcare providers.

Preventicus eHealth solutions for detecting and preventing lifestyle-related conditions such as high blood pressure, heart attacks and burnout.

The portal (shown above) and app work by analysing the shape and variability of pulse waves taken with a standard smartphone camera or smartwatch, using algorithms based on biosignal analytics. Using decades of international cutting-edge research in the field of pulse wave analysis and biovariability, Preventicus assesses risk based on the results of more than 50 clinical studies across reference data on over 25,000 patients, as well as joint ventures with a scientific advisory board consisting of leading medical practitioners.


Innovator Award
For visionaries that have developed some of the most ground-breaking health tech products or services in the past year.

EMVIGR A Clinical Decision and Management Support Platform for online therapy, allowing healthcare professionals to deliver one to one personalised rehabilitation in the home without in-person supervision.

The platform uses augmented reality within bespoke therapeutic video games to allow therapists to deliver therapy in the home, combined with data analysis algorithms to provide the capacity for remote monitoring and cloud server technology to provide service delivery and communication between patient and therapist.

The platform has been developed by a research programme led by Professor Eyre and Dr Morgan addressing the challenge for health services worldwide to provide expert physiotherapy for patients with long term neurological or musculoskeletal conditions.


One To Watch Award
For tech innovations not yet in the spotlight but that have the potential to significantly impact on people’s lives in the future.

Vision Technologies (GiveVision) Software that powers any smart glasses and acts as a guide for visually impaired people.

For the 90% of people with sight loss who still have some remaining sight, the tech solution uses image processing to enhance objects, signs and faces and can also magnify images. For those with complete sight loss, computer vision software translates visual information into audio in real time.

Patients Know BestPatients Know Best

Champion Award
Celebrating the individual or organisation who has most championed the uptake and adoption of health tech.

Patients Know Best Patients Know Best is designed to empower patients to manage their care through them owning and understanding a copy of all their health information.

With patient consent, it helps clinicians share information and engage with patients in new and powerful ways through a secure, encrypted patient portal and information exchange system. It is being deployed in over 200 sites across eight countries, translated into 14 languages. Patients Know Best puts patients in control of their medical records.

Lumo LiftLumo Lift
Lumo LiftLumo Lift

Breakout Award
Focused on finding a piece of health technology that’s successfully embedded itself and made a difference to people’s everyday lives over the past year.

Lumo Bodytech (Lumo Lift): A posture-correcting device that clips under your collar and gently vibrates when it senses slouching.

Suitable for everyday wear, the discreet sensor syncs with a smartphone to track hours of good posture, steps and calories. Since launching Lumo Lift, Lumo Bodytech has accumulated a large ‘posture database’, helping slouchers all over the world to take steps to improve their posture, whether at work or at home.

This is just a selection of shortlisted work from  the AXA PPP Health Tech & You Awards 2016. All 20 finalists will be showcased in a digital exhibition with the winners being announced at an awards ceremony to be held at BAFTA on April 25. See

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