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Gestalten for Everyone

Find the perfect gift for everyone on your list in the Gestalten Gift Guides. Each selection is hand-picked from our best-selling titles and arranged around special interest groups. Discover books for the gentleman in your life below.


When it comes to menswear, there is a delicate balance between effortless style and personal flair. Our recent release From Tip to Toe is a handbook for the classic man who is looking to define, reinvent, or renew their look. The book presents brands and makers from around the world who pair timeless designs with quality materials. Browse From Tip to Toe here.



Whether as salami, pâté, or pulled pork, meat is truly experiencing a renaissance. Follow the stories that led to each delicate slice on your charcuterie plate in our recent release Crafted Meat. The book is a compelling visual reference on today’s new meat culture and features exclusive recipes that bring the movement to the home table. Browse and buy Crafted Meat here.



Distilling spirits is an age-old craft that is being reborn by a new generation of small-batch manufacturers worldwide. Our book Out of the Jar is a compelling overview of today’s crafted spirits and those who make them. Using premium ingredients to create a wide array of artisanal spirits that offer exceptional taste experiences. Browse and buy Out of the Jar here.


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