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Gestalten for Everyone

Find the perfect gift for everyone on your list in the Gestalten Gift Guides. We combed through our extensive collection of books on cutting-edge visual culture and made selections of books for world travelers, gentlemen, creative minds, and more. First up? Explore our selection of books for the rider and driver in your life.


There is a distinct freedom that accompanies an open road and a full tank of gas. Our recent release Off the Road showcases explorers living a life on the road, as well as their vehicular travel companions. The book is full of lush photographs taken by wayfarers from around the world. Browse Off the Road here.



From Brooklyn to Bangkok, more and more motorcyclists are turning to their toolboxes to customize their ride. Our recent release The Ride 2nd Gear is a showcase of customized motorcycles and their builders from around the world. Building on the popular predecessor, the compendium of custom bikes presents rides that are built to be better, faster, and more fun than ever before. Explore The Ride 2nd Gear here.



Given the rise in fuel prices and mounting ecological awareness, it should come as no surprise that moving on two wheels is now a movement. Velo—2nd Gear presents the contemporary subculture that has sprung up around bicycling in recent years. The book celebrates the discerning, environmentally-friendly, and slightly obsessive bike scenes along with their protagonists. Browse Velo—2nd Gear here.


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