By Glenn Fleishman

Steve Gentile writes in with a question that, in similar language, many readers have. He wants to be able to maintain essentially a family iCloud Photo Library. He upgraded to 200GB of iCloud storage and has about 20GB in his own Photos library. He and his wife both sync to their own iCloud accounts, and they have a Mac with Photos on it as well.

The problem now is that although we want all photos synced to the cloud, we don’t want to have three duplicates of 20GB on each machine. My wife’s iPhone is running low on space. What is the best way to sync our iPhone photos to the cloud but not need to store them all?

Unfortunately, you and many others are running up against an odd limit that continues to plague Apple: while it offers Family Sharing in iCloud, this is mostly about sharing purchases, location, and a group photo album, rather than syncing or sharing data to a common location. The common photo album works just like another iCloud Photo Sharing album, but it’s labeled specially and created automatically. However, you have to add items into it; it doesn’t sync for you.

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