By caroline

A Futuristic Prefab That Has All the High-Tech Gizmos of a Spaceship

NOEM made this “Spaceship Home” for a customer who always dreamed of a home in the stars. They designed a quick, intelligent construction to enjoy the panoramic view of the surrounding. The owners passion for the cinema, home automation and comfort did the rest.

The house is composed of wooden prefabricated modules which are attached to a metal frame four meters above ground level. You can access the home via a “real airplane” staircase that was utilized by Spanair before, and which, restored and modernized, recognizes and welcomes its owner. A mobile device provides automatic control for the whole house which, when accessed by the ladder, starts to open an impressive door with a pantographic opening. An aesthetic metal “Star Wars” control panel centralizes the house’s facilities and presides over a restrained and functional interior. For further information, read on here.

Images © Meritxell Arjalaguer

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