A recent addition to Creative Boom, our Crafts section was warmly welcomed throughout 2016 with many of the theme’s inspiration posts attracting lots of hits and shares.

From incredible threaded artworks and detailed paper-cut illustrations to creepily realistic dolls and ethereal sought-after necklaces, it’s been a bumper 12 months for crafts. If you love all things paper, ceramic, glass and embroidered, then take a look at the top 10 crafts projects shared on Creative Boom in 2016, counting down from 10.

May we take this opportunity to apologise for the over-use of the word ‘incredible’. We do tend to get carried away, and will endeavour to find alternative adjectives in 2017. Enjoy!

10. Felt Faces: Artist Becky Margraf crafts 100 little faces for 100 consecutive days

For the 2016 round of The 100 Day Project, San Francisco-based artist Becky Margraf has decided to hand-sew 100 little felt faces over 100 consecutive days, taking inspiration from anything and everything including tasty sushi and pin cushions to popcorn and retro computer games… Read more

9. Paper Cuts: Artist hand-cuts incredibly intricate artworks from single sheets of paper

Parth Kothekar is a paper-cut artist from Ahmedabad, India. Always interested in silhouettes and graffiti stencils, he initially began experimenting with paper-cutting as a creative hobby, but discovered such a passion for it that he never looked back… Read more

8. Playful, translucent 3D jewellery made of fabric and inspired by sea creatures

In her ongoing body of work, Japanese artist Mariko Kusumoto loves to use polyester fabric and assemble it into three-dimensional wearable and sculptural jewellery pieces. Inspired by various sea creatures, her translucent forms are crafted into necklaces, brooches and even rings… Read more

7. Incredible threaded illustrations of beautiful women and animals by Ezgi Pamir

It’s one thing to be able to draw beautifully detailed illustrations of people and nature; it’s a completely different story if you can thread artworks using different coloured cotton and textures. These incredible embroidered portraits of women and animals by Turkey creative Ezgi Pamir will simply blow your mind… Read more

6. What a Racket: Incredible threaded artworks woven into old badminton rackets

In her series What a Racket, South African embroidery artist and designer Danielle Clough crafts the most incredible threaded artworks onto old badminton and tennis rackets using bright coloured wool. Creating images of big and bold flowers, it’s an unusually pleasing take on the increasingly popular fibre art movement… Read more

5. New layered glass sculptures by Ben Young that beautifully capture the ocean

Sydney-based artist Ben Young continues to capture our imaginations with his ongoing series of glass sculptures that celebrate the ocean. Completely self-taught, Ben’s incredible pieces are hand drawn, hand cut and handcrafted, layer on layer to create the end product. He uses no computer or high-tech machinery; just 10 years of skill and experience along with plenty of patience… Read more

4. Artist crafts incredible doll faces that are so realistic they’ll make your skin crawl

Not all of us appreciated dolls when we were children. In fact, they scared the life out of me and I absolutely refused to play with them, opting instead for the safety of toy cars and road tracks. If you felt the same way, then look away now. Because you’ll find the stunning work of Russian artist Michael Zajkov absolutely terrifying. He creates the most insanely realistic dolls with faces that are so natural and life-like that you could easily mistake them for being human… Read more

3. Incredibly detailed journal covers crafted entirely from polymer clay and jewels

Have you ever dreamed about turning your hobby into a business? Do you wish you could quit your day job to do what you love while still paying the bills? That’s exactly what happened to London-based artist Aniko Kolesnikova, also known as Mandarin Duck… Read more

2. Appetising embroidery art that has crafted vegetables dangling from the canvas

Veselka Bulkan is the person behind Little Herb Bouquet – an online shop where she sells her extraordinary, hand embroidered hoop art – mainly of clever little crafted vegetables, dangling off the edge of each canvas… Read more

1. Ordinary Behaviour: Electronics made from cardboard that contain amusing mini worlds

When you first consider this ongoing series by London-based Hong Kong illustrator and product designer Kevin LCK, you assume he’s just re-imagining popular electronics as cardboard sculptures. In actual fact, the clever artworks also contain amusing miniature dioramas that explore the daily co-dependent relationship between humans and technology… Read more

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Author: Katy Cowan

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