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Fuller loaded the city with historical details, symbols, and his own memories

Gareth Wood aka Fuller drafts impressionistic “mind maps” of places where he has lived. “I’m making a collection of cartographical love letters,” he explains. He loads his city maps with historical details, symbols, and his own memories to connect with the viewer on a personal level, provoking a variety of thoughts and emotions that people share with their habitat.

It took him an astonishing ten years to complete the meticulously detailed map of central London pictured here. The piece was started in 2005, archived in 2007, and resumed in 2015. This jump highlights the evolution of the metropolis—for examaple, drones and speed cameras were added to the intensely detailed drawing, commenting on contemporary society—as well as of the artist himself and his changing style and technique. Fuller created a short film whilst cycling around London on his explorations, which can be viewed here. You can see his maps in real life at a private event in London on Thursday, September 18. Register for tickets here

Learn more about illustrated maps and cartography and see Fuller’s full map of London in our new book Mind the Map.

Pink Floyd’s inflatable pig floats above Battersea Power Station, celebrating the photography for their album Animals. It caused quite a stir when it “accidentally” broke free… Evidently, pigs can fly.

Canary Wharf is identifiable as a giant birdcage.

The crossed National Lottery fingers inside the Millennium Dome symbolize Fuller’s hopeful attitude for the project and its unknown future.

Bicycle super-highways weave through dockland regeneration and scissors cutting limes label the stretch of canal known as the Limehouse Cut. The black taxi is synonymous with London life.

Olympic Park was drawn to mark the excitement and possibilities the games brought to East London. The ArcelorMittal Orbit was added in 2015.

Artist Fuller at work.

Images © Fuller

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