By Laura Collinson

Once Christmas is out of the way, many of us turn our attentions to summer holidays – because there’s nothing better than kicking back on a sandy beach, watching the sea glistening in the distance.

This photography series by Markus Henttonen captures the spirit of summer holidays perfectly. Taking an aerial angle, the viewer is invited to explore the variety of activities of the beachgoers below. Children play in the sea, whilst their parents recline on a host of colourful sun beds scattered along the shore.

Henttonen explains: “To Be On View is a series of crowded beaches photographed from above. From a distance these photographs are like paintings rich in detail, full of rhythm and colour. With a closer look you are able to see everything that is happening in this packed holiday environment in one special moment.”

The Berlin-based photographer’s work has been exhibited in both group and solo exhibitions on an international scale. Henttonen has also released three books; Paral-lel City (2004), Lonely But Not Alone (2011) and Twisted Tales – Road to Hope (2015).

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