By Lex van den Berghe

Adobe MAX

Photoshop’s 25th year has been a big one. We’ve been searching for 25 of the most creative visual artists under the age of 25 (we’ve announced 14 as of this week), launched our Instagram channel, and added Artboards, Design Spaces, a Glyph Panel ($&@!) and more to Photoshop CC. So, we’ve been thinking…how can we make 25 even bigger?

Well, we’re going to continue celebrating our 25th Anniversary at Adobe MAX, where you’ll have the opportunity to travel through time and experience Photoshop over the last 25 years (you heard me right…time travel), as well as take a peek at the next 25 years with art on display from some of our 25 Under 25 phenoms representing the future of Photoshop.

Besides those celebrations, there will be plenty of opportunity to learn and meet other creatives. The Photography & Creative Imaging track is already going to be huge – you can attend workshops on “Creating Impossible Worlds” and learn more about the power of light in your images. If graphic design, web & app design, or video is what you want to learn more about, we’ve got tracks for those interests, too. Baz Luhrmann, Elle Luna, Brandon Stanton, Corey Barker, Aaron Blaise and 5,500 other of the most creative minds in the world will be there. Will you be one of them?

Save your spot today (advance pricing ends Aug 31): We might be traveling back in time with Photoshop, but we won’t travel back in time for advance pricing. Don’t miss out.

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