By Laura Collinson

Photographer John Sanderson has travelled across America, documenting streamlined locomotives produced between the 1930s and the 1950s. Although some are still in operation, others sit in museums or have simply been left to decay. Despite their surroundings, Sanderson is a fan of the distinct design, which we must agree is quite divine.

Alongside documenting the railways, Sanderson has also turned his attentions to capturing American traditions, highways and landscapes, and botany – all of which he has photographed beautifully.

His biography reads: “Sanderson’s longstanding interest in railroad photography developed into a survey of railroad lines, which collapsed as engines of urban economy and cultural activity beginning in the 1950s.

“Working with 4×5 and 8×10 large-format cameras, he is inspired by the 19th century photographs of William H. Rau and Carleton Watkins, whose landscapes are often devoid of the visual momentum a train carries across a picture — reflecting instead on the railroad’s value independent of its intended use.”

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