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The world of advertising is no longer what it used to be. Gone are the days when you have a big marketing budget for offline advertising such as billboards, print or even television. Now it’s all about engagement and sending your message right to your audience through the use of mobile marketing, text messaging and even mass SMS.

Not only has the way of advertising changed, so has the way advertising results are tracked. In previous years and ad campaigns, if you were spending money on paid placement on billboard, TV and print, it would be tough to measure your results without a unique coupon code or phone number in place. This is definitely one of the biggest advantages to using mobile marketing for your business and advertising if you aren’t already.

One such player in the mobile marketing and text messaging space is Trumpia. Through their SMS software, they are essentially putting the power of an advertising agency into the palm of your hands, while also allowing you to automate the process of sending text messages to your audiences of customers, no matter where they might be location.

How Does Trumpia Work?

To better understand how Trumpia works, let’s first take a look at their site and the platform users have access to. While the concept of SMS marketing might seem complex, Trumpia has a platform in place that’s quite easy to learn and use, while being as simple as setting up and sending out a mailing list (for any email marketers and site owners reading). Once such messages are in place, all you need to do is click a button and they are then sent out to your list of subscribers.

When it comes to actually getting users to subscribe to your mobile mailing list, all it takes is a simple text message or having them complete a form on your site. An example of the text message signup is as simple as texting a message to a five-digit short code (e.g., “text JOIN to 12345”) which is created through the system.

After the creation of your signup process is done, customers can then use the Trumpia platform to automate the process of delivering offers and sending messages to subscribers. Another unique benefit of the platform is the ability to enable two-way messaging, meaning you can ask questions of your users and they can reply via text message.

Trumpia Lead Generation

What would a subscriber management and delivery platform be without the ability to manage and separate your data based on interested, data and promotion type? Not a very good one at all. This is why Trumpia has full tracking and management in place to allow their customers to sub-divide their user data based on click-throughs, interests and more.

Now that we covered the many benefits of what Trumpia has to offer, let’s see it all in action through this short five minute demo video.

When choosing a marketing solution for your brand or business, you want to make sure you are in good company. A list of current Trumpia clients include Amazon, Cisco, Microsoft, AirBNB, LinkedIn and many more.

Trumpia Affiliate Program Pays 20% Commissions

In addition to offering one of the most powerful and effective mobile marketing solutions around, Trumpia also has an affiliate program to refer new customers to their site as well. The Trumpia affiliate program currently pays out a generous 20% commission on all referrals — which can add up to a decent amount consider the sizes of businesses and brands currently using the solution.


To join the Trumpia affiliate program, you must first create an account with the main Trumpia website. However, this doesn’t mean you need to be a paying customer of the site — this is simply to create a username and password for your affiliate account.

After creating your Trumpia account and applying for the affiliate program, an affiliate manager will follow up with you and introduce you to the many benefits of the program. This will also allow you to ask any questions you might have, or discuss new and creative ways to market the program to your audience.

As an affiliate of Trumpia, you will be given a unique promo code to offer to your audience. All referrals are tracked through this referral code and a 20% lifetime commission is paid out on each legitimate customer. With a lifetime commission in place, this means a single customer could result in thousands of dollars in referral earnings over the lifetime of their account.

Payments are sent out to affiliates once they have earned a minimum of $100.

How to Effectively Promote Trumpia and Make Money

As with all affiliate marketing, the more time and effort you put into your marketing programs, the more likely are you to find higher earnings. With commissions paying out as high as $1,000 for a single client, it’s well worth your time and effort to build reliable content sources or even niche sites to effectively promote Trumpia.


Trumpia’s mobile marketing affiliate program, recommends the following methods for effectively promoting their service and recommending new customers to their site. No matter which of the following methods you use, be sure to provide value and guidance when creating content and marketing campaigns. Adding full-color images, reviews, tutorials and information that people are currently searching for is one of the best ways to take a soft lead and turning into a high-value sale.

  • Write original articles and reviews on content sites
  • Create niche review website or blogs on what Trumpia has to offer
  • Participate in online marketing forums and recommend Trumpia
  • Distribute a press release on the many features SMS messaging has to offer
  • Send out a mailing to your existing subscribers and site visitors
  • Start a pay per click advertising campaign through Google, Yahoo or Bing
  • Want one last tip for how you can make even more money with Trumpia as an affiliate? Trumpia says that nearly 30% of all visitors who end up trying the demo on their site end up converting into a paying customer. Be sure to include a mention of the demo within all of your marketing and outreach to see higher results and commissions with their referral program.

    Click here to join Trumpia and their affiliate program.

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