By Guest Author

Turn Those Casual Window Shoppers into Dedicated Subscribers

Window shopping is fun. You can walk through a mall or a small quaint shopping area in a vacation spot, and just look at the displays. Occasionally, you may go into a store and check out an item you saw, and possibly purchase it. Internet surfers are sometimes window shoppers. They may, in the course of a search, happen upon a blog post you have written and link to it. Or they may have seen a Facebook post or a Tweet directing them to a blog or another landing page on your website. If that post or page turns out to be what they have been looking for – it answers a question or provides some solution – they will stay and read or view the whole thing. But then they leave without taking the next step you really want them to take – subscribe to your emails so that they become a solid lead for further contact.

How can you convert that window shopper? Here are 7 strategies you can begin to use to improve your email marketing strategies today.

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