By Glenn Fleishman

Stéphane Rainville writes in wondering about how to preserve comments on photos in shared albums. (Shared albums work with iCloud Photo Sharing, but also using iPhoto and iOS 7 as “shared streams.”):

I’ve been using shared albums to show pictures of our newborn daughter to our extended family. Now, after sharing 1,269 photos, I’m sure I’m taxing people’s local storage on their iPads/iPhones, and so I’d like to start archiving. Most precious, however, are the comments everyone has made on individual pictures, and I haven’t found a way to archive while preserving comments.

Unfortunately, Apple documents in a few places that while you can back up shared photo albums that aren’t persistent—that aren’t part of your iCloud Photo Library, if you use that feature—comments aren’t attached. They’re only stored online. This is unfortunate, because you’ll lose those forever unless you take screen captures, print PDFs, or the like.

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