With five grandmaster keynotes, 16 full day workshops, 25 paper presentations, 1.100 poster entries, 40 poster winners, nine installations, and 15 projects with 550 participants Typography Day 2019 at IDC School of Design (IDC), Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB), Mumbai is an event which celebrates our mutual love for the letters. Organized for the twelfth time this year this fest of creativity took place from the 2nd to the 4th of March 2019 and TD2019 was particularly significant as it was held to coincide with IITB’s Diamond Jubilee (60th year) celebrations as well as IDC’s Golden Jubilee (50th) year celebrations. 

With this year’s theme focusing on what is called ‘Experimental Typography‘ an international conference was dedicated to addressing issues faced by type designers, type users and type educators. The conference included keynote deliveries from international grandmasters, as well as academic presentations that have been selected through a blind jury process. The event has attracted industry professionals, academics, research scholars, and students alike and it included an exhibition of posters that have been selected from an international competition with participation from upwards of fifty countries. 

For those eager to compete for type design, Typography Day 2020 will be organized for the 13th time on 28th, 29th February and 1st March 2020 at Beirut, Lebanon with support from India Design Association (InDeAs) and Aksharaya. The theme for this year’s event is ‘Typographic Dialogues: Local-Global’ and eventually there is a call for submissions. 

For Typography Day 2020 designers are asked to create a poster representing this year’s ‘Typographic Dialogues: Local-Global’ theme. “You can use the language, script and typeface of your choice. You can make use of one letter, one word, many words or even a paragraph composed of words. Calligraphic or digitally created letterforms or existing fonts, or a combination of these can be used for the poster” note the organizers. 

For Typography Day 2020 designers are asked to create a poster representing this year’s ‘Typographic Dialogues: Local-Global’ theme. Deadline for submission is the 31st October 2019

The Poster Design Competition is open to students, faculty and professionals. Winning entries will be published as a book and displayed in an exhibition during the event in Beirut. Deadline for submission is the 31st October 2019. So be inspired and commit to type design by participating to this year’s TD2020 poster competition here

Following are some of the winning entries from the Typography Day 2019 Poster Design Competition for the title ‘Dance of Typography‘. The winning entries were published and displayed in this year’s typographic fest. 

‘Electro Dance’ by Anastasiya, Ukraine

‘Dance of Typography’ by Sanjeev Kumar, India

‘Dance of Typography’ by Siddhesh Sushil Shirsekar, India

‘White Wednesday Movement’ by Maryam Hosseinnia, Kuwait

‘Dalla meaning Fire’ by Lahiru Dilshan Ranathunga, Sri Lanka

‘Dance of Typography’ by Marah Al-Kazak, Kuwait

‘lines in Arabic’ by Salma Mohammad, Kuwait

‘Rhytym of The Letters’ by Evren Tural, Turkey

‘Dance of Typography’ by Sharvari Marathe, India

Slider image captions: ‘Brihannala’ by Uttam Hasabnis, India. ‘Valley of Poverty and Annihilation’ by Nasrin Bavafa, Iran. ‘Valley of Love’, by Nasrin Bavafa, Iran. ‘Nrutya’ (Dance)’, by Rajkumar H. Mahajan, India. ‘Dance of Typography’, by Shih-chieh, Hung, Taiwan. ‘Dance of Typography’, by Jinal R. Dahanuwala, India. All images via Typoday. 




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