By Laura Collinson

Hong Kong is famous for its distinct urban skyline, comprised of towering skyscrapers and futuristic office blocks – some of the tallest in the world. For this reason it’s long been a favourite subject of artists and photographers, eager to capture the sprawling, bustling metropolis.

Photographer Andy Yeung is based in the city and has taken a unique perspective in capturing his surrounding and its hive of activity. This series of images, entitled Urban Jungle, was taken using a drone camera, allowing us to view the architecture of the Sheung Wan area of the city from above.

Alongside photographing his home city, Yeung is a keen traveller: “I’m based in Hong Kong from where I travel extensively. For me, travel and photography have always worked in perfect harmony. They go hand in hand. Capturing great moments and transforming what I’ve seen into something new and artistic while strolling through a new city with fresh eyes is a rewarding experience.”

In contrast to Urban Jungle, Yeung has also captured buildings from below in Look Up, offering another perspective to how we view the architecture around us.

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