By Laura Collinson

Humans have been fascinated with the notion of love ever since time began. What does it mean? Why does it happen? Although we’ll never truly know the whys and wherefores, we can in some way understand how it feels.

Perhaps this is why the Urban Love series by Romanian photographer Natalia Mindru Photomicona is so special. It allows us to view the most intimate details of a relationship, in a moment between two individuals. The photographer urges us not to put the definition of love into words, but rather react to the displays of affection we view in her work – acting as proof that true love exists.

Each portrait is presented in black and white, adding to the intensity of the scenes. Some couples are locked in passionate embrace, whilst others play fight.

What all of the images have in common though, is that the subjects are completely relaxed in the company of their companion.

Natalia is well placed to make an artistic statement on love, with a background in wedding photography. Of her work, she explains: “I always wanted to create images that will endure over time, from which you come to laugh and cry, vivid photos that make you immerse yourself in memories. Emotions are important. Beauty is love.”

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Via My Modern Met

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