By nathan

The Concrete Complex with a Garden Centerpiece

Amidst the old cork trees grasping onto the hills of Portugal’s Alentejo region, Villa Além was constructed largely out of reddish concrete native to the area. Designed by Valerio Olgiati, the complex is built around a central garden tailor made for Alentejo’s mild and dry climate, which includes a placid water feature running along the central axis. The thick walls create shaded passage ways and living spaces with the appropriate airflow. Concrete wings extend at 45-degree angles away from the external walls, opening the inner courtyard up to the sky above. The result is a stunning and sturdy complex just kilometers from the Atlantic Ocean.

Olgiati is one of many architects working with innovative designs that incorporate local vernaculars and indigenous materials to find comfortable architecture and design solutions when dealing with equatorial climates. See more in our book Living Under the Sun.

Images © Valerio Olgiati

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