We’re currently working on the ability to allow shop managers to display currencies based on a customer’s country. We need your feedback to understand how you plan to use this new feature.

Adding a new currency configuration

Until now, we have built WooCommerce Multilingual to be configurable according to language. This means that currencies are based on the languages you have them tied to.

Now, you can choose instead to display currencies based on a customer’s location. We determine this through the customer’s IP address or their billing address if logged in.

Choosing currency per language
New! Choosing currency per country

We designed this new option to help shop managers who would like to:

  • Enforce certain currencies for users based on their location or billing address.
  • Implement a pricing policy based on location.

For instance, you can decide to set a higher price for someone in the US (paying in USD) rather than for clients in the UK (paying in GBP). You can set it so that customers won’t see the prices in the other country’s currency, even though both customers speak English.

How will I set up currencies per country?

Go to WooCommerce → Settings, and click the Multi-currency tab. Ensure the multi-currency mode is enabled.  A new dropdown menu will appear called Show currencies based on. Select Client location.

Choosing to show currencies based on client location

WooCommerce uses MaxMind Geolocation to determine a customer’s location via IP address. You’ll need to create a MaxMind account and generate a new license key in order to determine a customer’s location.

Enter the key in the Multi-currency settings, and you’re ready to customize your currencies per country!

Setting up currencies per country

Click the edit icon next to each currency to customize the countries for which you would like it to appear.

Adjusting currency settings

You can still choose to operate your store based on language by selecting site language from the Show currencies based on dropdown menu.

We want to hear from you!

Do you plan to use this new functionality, or will you continue to operate your store based on language? How do you expect this new option will help your business? Let us know in the comments.

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Allison Rivers

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