Styling a select like it’s 2019 where the filament group shows us that a reasonable set of styles can get you pretty far. I must confess that I never heard about the CSS Logical Properties until I’ve read this article. The videos by Heydon Pickering are always a must and Rachel Andrew shows what is important when you start learning CSS.


Styling a Select Like It’s 2019


You know when the filament group looks at something it is going to be good. This article shows that a reasonable set of styles can create a consistent and attractive select across new browsers, while remaining just fine in older ones too.


New CSS Logical Properties!


Totally new to me but interesting nonetheless. This article looks into these new logical properties give us a lot more power to control our websites, no matter what type of language we use (English, Arabic, Japanese, etc.)


Making Future Interfaces: Algorithmic Layouts


Heydon Pickering has another wonderful video that will show you how to create CSS layouts that are self-governing, using Flexbox and Grid.


How To Learn CSS


Rachel Andrew points out fundamental things that are important when you start learning CSS. It’s not a guide to syntax, but a pointer to the core things that will help CSS make sense.

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