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Web Design Stats You Can’t Ignore in 2016 - infographic

Each one of us loves the ease and convenience that digital marketing offers. We often tend to ignore the efforts that businesses and their teams are putting in. One of the most formidable challenges in the field of digital marketing, for companies and their marketers, is to maintain the pace with the speed of advancements launched. Just give it a thought that if the busy marketing teams won’t be able to catch up and miss things due to their involvement in routine activities – how unpleasant would it be for the people who don’t belong to this industry?

If you are also a marketer, you might be facing the same issues. The visitors or end-readers could sympathize with you, but that doesn’t strictly implies they will stop nagging about the significance of surviving through the constraints of time to stay ahead of rise and falls of digital marketing. Not just a single trick or strategy, staying up-to-date with digital trends and unbeatable practices are the actual driving forces for successful, long-term campaigns of marketing.

We all know that the Internet is an aesthetic space where images, graphics and videos play a prominent role in the stories that marketers and companies narrate. But as the accessibility of web design among masses has increased at a progressive rate, it is changing at a faster pace.

Therefore, all the marketers should take a deeper dive into the web design world to identify the most advanced shifts in the traditional practices. Here’re some web design trends that you can’t ignore in 2016 elaborated along with statistical data:

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