Bethlehem, Pennsylvania’s Hoover-Mason Trestle rail line historically carried limestone, coke and iron ore on a track from the ore yards to the blast furnaces. Now, it’s undergoing renovations to ensure its future as a historical site. Digital agency Bluecadet created a website as part of a promotional campaign to generate interest for the trestle. The site offers a virtual tour—filmed on a Steadicam before the renovations—supplemented with audio narration that explains its different functions and capabilities. An interactive signage system, printed and installed at the trestle by M. S. Signs Inc., directs online visitors to additional content on the site. Interviews and aerial videos shot by Bluecadet, as well as historic photographs, interviews and documents, all play an integral role in guiding the visitor through the space. The site provides a rich, immersive experience that showcases the Hoover-Mason Trestle, and provides interactive access for users who cannot travel to the site.


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