Breakthrough, a new National Geographic television show, celebrates scientists on the vanguard of innovation and the cutting-edge technology they use to offer insights on everything from the human brain to future global pandemics. To enhance the television series’ online presence, digital agency Neo-Pangea created a dynamic, cinematic website that pulls viewers into the world of modern science. On the homepage, visitors find themselves in the center of a 3-D environment. Multiple layers of animation surround visitors with a buffet of video, audio and written content. Each episode provides succinct explanations of complicated projects, and organizes its content into two distinct categories: the present, and a speculative future based on today’s scientific achievements. The Breakthrough site honors its subject matter by presenting its own innovative design for mobile platforms; motion controls enable visitors to use natural movements to navigate the website on their tablets and phones. As the show progresses, the website will continue to update its content, providing more opportunities of exploration after each of the television show’s episodes.


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