Founded in the 1820s, British shoe manufacturer Clarks has often been in the vanguard of fashion and social reforms with its ideals, including creating better conditions for factory workers, offering education to child laborers in 1898, promoting gender equality in the workplace and providing practical, comfortable footwear for men, women and children. BBH London designed and developed Clarks Unboxed, an interactive website that unpacks the amazing history of the company. The site invites visitors to scroll through specialized pages that detail events in Clarks’ story. Background images feature parallax animations and interactive elements that bring old photographs and illustrations to life. Every part of the story exhibits a different aesthetic inspired by the appropriate time period. In addition to showcasing Clarks’ inspiring history, a social media function, titled Story 12, enables users who love the company’s shoes to share pictures of their favorite products, further fostering a sense of community amongst its loyal customers.


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