This website doles out bragging rights to all those who say, “I liked that band—before they were cool.” Found Them First showcases the second in a series of ongoing data experiments run by Spotify, the online music streaming service. Developed and designed by creative agency Stinkdigital and digital studio Razorfish, the website accesses visitors’ Spotify accounts to learn their listening history, then compares it to global data and reveals how many musicians each user discovered before the artists hit the mainstream. Simple, graphical loaders cut away to animated backgrounds of musicians, treated with a vibrant color palette. The program returns an individual Spotify user’s percentile ranking for each musician, so that she may see when she discovered musicians in their rise to fame. Each musician’s page also links to her or his Twitter account, enabling users to tweet to the artist and share their fandom ranking. Stinkdigital and Razorfish also adapted the layout to six different languages, translating the website’s service for Spotify’s audience of 75 million active users.


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