Providing grants and public events, Illinois Humanities inspires community-wide dialogues on social issues through focus areas such as journalism and media, public policy, business, and art. Chicago-based digital firm Firebelly Design created a website for the organization to educate visitors about its mission. The site’s layout displays content on a grid format and encourages visitors to explore Illinois Humanities’ offerings, including upcoming events and available grants. Upon loading, each page randomly selects colors from accent and pastel palettes, and applies them to images, text and backgrounds; the ever-changing color scheme emphasizes the evolving nature of today’s discussions on social issues. An interactive function of the site called “Thought of the Day” encourages users to submit favorite quotes for a chance to have them displayed on the homepage. By extending its mission online, Illinois Humanities invites visitors on the Internet to advance important dialogues, promoting an online community of progressive thinkers.


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