Pennsylvania’s Longwood Gardens, the most popular public garden in the United States, is also home to one of the world’s greatest fountain collections. A three-year process of improvements to the renowned Main Fountain Garden—originally built in 1931—is currently underway. The gardens’ new website, “New Heights,” honors the history of the fountains and educates visitors about this momentous undertaking. Using a full-screen video background, ambient sound and a large archive of imagery, the site showcases the legacy of the original garden as well as the scope and the importance of the revitalization project. The site’s structure is built around a linear narrative, allowing users to scroll through content describing the monument’s history and improvement plans. A subtle vertical line animates downward as users progress, guiding them through each section and the site as a whole. Interactive 3-D renderings and illustrations enable visitors to explore all of the components of the fountain gardens, both above and below the ground. “New Heights” uses Angular to seamlessly load the data feed in the background while loading additional assets as they are accessed, resulting in a much quicker download time and a more immersive experience for the viewer.


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