Honoring musician Arthur Russell and his label Sleeping Bag Records, the Red Bull Music Academy launched Endless 80s NYC to coincide with its 2015 New York Festival. Red Bull Music Academy selected ten 1980s music labels that defined the groundwork for musical movements such as new wave, no wave, post-disco and hip-hop. The website features a conglomeration of content pulled from these labels: more than 700 images of found footage, album covers and original content inspired by the new wave movement. To display all of this content, Endless 80s NYC utilizes a subtle scrolling background of JavaScript-based content modules, represented by cascading images, infinitely generated to make each viewing experience unique. The design features bold floating text that describes the labels, rendered in aggressive typefaces that mirror the pioneering spirit of the music. Images lead the viewer to articles about each of the ten labels, featuring various artists’ songs.

Credits: folderstudio.com
| jon-kyle.com

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