Uber, the transportation service founded in 2009, had always relied on PDFs to communicate its brand guidelines company-wide, but they were cumbersome to revise and frequently went out of date. To keep staffers informed of changes to the rapidly-evolving brand, Uber’s in-house design team built a brand guidelines site both for designers who spend every day working on the details and for everyone else who needed quick access to Uber’s brand information.
In addition to a full-screen menu that makes it easy to find relevant information, the site features several innovations for efficient navigation. Hints at the top of each page provide a quick overview; a side panel links to specific rules and use cases for a more in-depth view. When a user hovers over various touchpoints, interactive hints pop up, highlighting the most important guidelines in a given section. A change log automatically synchronizes edits made through a WordPress CMS so that users can easily identify updates.
Launched in June, 2015, the site received more than 100,000 visitors, from more than 170 countries in the first three weeks—a dramatic increase in the number of people interacting with Uber’s brand identity.

Credits: uber.com

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