In her latest series, Layers, Weronika Marianna explores the various complex parts that make up our unique personalities.

Fears, anxieties, expectations, hopes and dreams – these are just some of the elements the Polish artist and designer considers for her minimalist illustrations.

She also sees drawing itself as an emotional process, inspired by real-life events, both good and bad. “Through illustration I search for metaphors of feelings and sensations, giving them a face and body expressions,” she explains. “In the course of life, we put on new layers… I recognise these ‘layers’ and give them shape and colour.”

Peeling off these “layers” and recognising a relationship between them is what occupies both Weronika’s life and her work.

Currently based in Amsterdam, Weronika’s clients include Netflix, Elle, WeTransfer, Goop and Glamour. Besides drawing she’s a yoga teacher, hula hoop dancer, co-creator of the Amsterdam edition of Ladies, Wine & Design and co-founder of Szajn, an empowering magazine for polish teenage girls.

Follow her on Instagram for further inspiration.

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Katy Cowan

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