By nathan

Heavy Beams Divide and Conquer the Interior of this Office

For this office space in West Flanders, Belgium, the designers at Studio Farris Architects used massive wooden beams to divide the interior space and allow for a private meeting room, office, and reading area. While the exterior of the former stable was left largely untouched, the space was gutted and outfitted with a dividing shell that prevents the original infrastructure from leeching chemicals into the floorboards and offers better insulation to conserve energy. The studio presents a satisfying contradiction: from the exterior, it reads as quaint and pastural; from the inside, cutting-edge and modern.

Studio Farris Architects’ stable is part of a larger movement in which designers and architects around the world are creating exciting new office spaces that are just as innovative as the teams that work within. See more examples of the new office culture in our book WorkScape.

Images © Koen Van Damme

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