By Katy Cowan

In his ongoing series of 3D origami animal sculptures, Vietnamese artist Hoang Tien Quyet – featured previously – loves to use a special technique where he wets paper to create curves instead of the usual crisp, folded lines.

Speaking of his work, he said: “I have been folding paper since I was a small kid. At the time I was amazed at how a flat sheet of paper could transform into beautiful 3D animals and objects, and it was also a joy of a kid who could make his own toys.

“I kept folding alone for a long time, until I found Vietnam Origami Group forum where I met many friends who shared the same passion for origami, and was inspired to create my own models. From Giang Dinh, I also learned about wet-folding, which really changed my approach to origami, and helped me discover my own style.

“I like working with new and fresh ideas, and always try to breathe life and my personality into my models. I hope people can also feel that from my work.”

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