By Glenn Fleishman

mac911 java legacy install prompt

Robert Vallee wrote in with a simple request related to a Java dialog that keeps appearing:

How to get rid of this sticky pop-up window that’s coming on and on?

This Java dialog at least tells you the app that needs Java. Many times, there’s no detail at all about why it appeared.

The popup dialog is maddening from several standpoints:

  • It says you need to install a legacy version of Java, which seems to imply that you’re asking for a security problem.
  • It often appears when you’re not doing anything—it’s not related to an action.
  • The two options are More Info or OK, but the focus is on More Info. Pressing Return opens the webpage associated with More Info.
  • You’re not always told what’s causing the dialog to appear. In Robert’s case, it says it’s web content. When I’ve seen it, it doesn’t identify what’s causing the dialog at all.

Robert, I feel for you, because ever since I installed Yosemite, I’ve had this problem off and on. I managed to solve it for Yosemite somehow—I still don’t know how—and then it appeared again once I’d installed an El Capitan public beta. Recently, I managed again to get rid of it, and again don’t know how, after weeks of having it crop up multiple times a day.

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