Shay Levy has a 115GB Photos library, and has spent years marking faces and entering keywords. Shay is worried that this information will be lost when moving to a new Mac, even though they have iCloud Photo Library enabled.

Since iCloud doesn’t sync face and keyword information, the option to just enable iCloud sync in the new computer is not an option for me.

So how should I solve this? I’m also hoping that I will not have to turn off the option to optimize mac storage on the old computer before moving the library since I currently don’t have enough space for that. But maybe that’s the only option.

Apple says keywords are synced, which I can confirm, as I have two Macs hooked up to iCloud Photo Library. (As noted many times, iOS Photos lacks the ability to view or set keywords, titles, and descriptions, which remains a baffling omission many years into iOS.)

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