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Just a few years ago, having a website was just another option for startups. In many cases, it was even a luxury – something that only the best, biggest corporations could afford. However, times have certainly changed. Today, we truly are in the digital age – the digital revolution is no longer the future, but the present. More and more people are using the internet for a whole range of everyday things, and shopping is just one of them. With so many members of the population being unable to imagine life without being constantly connected, a website has become an absolute necessity for any new business startup.

Online Presence

Digital marketing has overtaken offline marketing in almost every single way. Even when it comes to the ‘personal’ side of things, social media marketing has made that decidedly more possible with the ability to send personal, direct messages to individual customers. When it comes to business success, your online presence plays a huge part in today’s digital age. Not having a presence online can make it easier than ever for your competitors to gain an edge over you, leaving your business behind and struggling. Your business website is the base of your online presence, where you will direct customers via social media, blog posts, ads and more to discover more about your brand, products and services.

Trustworthy Image

Your business website is, without a doubt, one of the most important investments that you will make when you first start up your business. These days, it’s the ‘norm’ for businesses to have a website – and if you don’t have a website where your customers can learn more, you can easily portray an image that is outdated, untrustworthy and uncaring about the needs of customers. Having a well-designed, professional website that is easy to navigate and gives your customers all of the information that they need about your business and brand should be high on your priority list when starting a new business. And, there’s no need to worry about the cost – even the smallest of businesses on tight budgets can afford a professionally designed website thanks to pay monthly plans from The Website Group.

Extra Revenue

Having a website doesn’t just mean that you have a good online presence and leave an impression of trustworthiness with your customers and potential customers, it can also be hugely helpful when it comes to bringing in extra revenue. With a huge percentage of all shopping done online, it makes sense to also offer an option for online shopping via a website when it comes to your business’ products. By setting up an online shop, there is also the potential to sell your products globally, as the web can be accessed from people all over the world. This can lead to huge growth and development options as well as bring in a steady profit and stability for your company.

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