By Brenda Stokes Barron

Floral Wedding Invitation by monggokerso

Planning a wedding is stressful. There are so many things to account for, from hiring a DJ to picking the perfect dress to ordering flowers. Another aspect you must consider is the invitations.

They are typically the first thing people see related to your wedding, so you want them to make a positive impression, of course. But as with all things “wedding,” invitations can be expensive, especially if you have them custom ordered and printed.

Floral Wedding Invitation by monggokerso

But as someone who had to plan a wedding on a super tight budget, I’m here to tell you that printing your own invitations is okay. My husband’s a graphic and web designer, so he came up with a great looking design for our invitations. We splurged on fancy paper and that was that.

But if you’re not so skilled with graphic design, there is a solution for you at hand. You can either hire a designer, or you can use wedding invitation templates and create your own.

Aren’t Wedding Invitation Templates Tacky?

I’m not going to lie to you — sometimes they are. Sometimes they aren’t designed to fit on standard card stock and result in crooked, haphazard-looking invites. Or, the design is just plain boring and looks like every other invitation-in-a-box set you can buy at craft stores.

Chalkboard Invitation by arifpoernomo

However, there are some templates out there that are actually pretty nice. A lot of this has to do with the fact that they’re professionally designed. They’re created to fit on a specific paper size and include the graphical elements you’d expect with a little extra flair.

And while these kinds of templates aren’t for everyone — you need to be able to modify them using graphic editing software — they are easy to use by those who are relatively computer literate.

Types of Invitations

Wedding invitation templates span the gamut of style and genre. You can find a template that suits just about any interest and any couple’s personality.

So, if you want something that looks handmade, you might opt for a chalkboard style invitation. Or if you’d like something with bold typography, a vintage invite. Or if you prefer something elegant and traditional, opt for the seasonal stationary route.

Vintage Wedding Invitation by GoodgraphVintage Wedding Invitation by Goodgraph

Some templates look delightfully cartoony while others offer a chance to add a photo of the happy couple. The sky’s the limit as to what mood you wish to invoke and what impression you want to make.

Using Wedding Invitation Templates

Once you purchase a template, you can feasibly be printing out your invitations within an hour. Not everyone is bringing the same level of experience to the table, of course, which can greatly impact the amount of time it takes you to plug in in all of your personal info.

Still, using these templates is a major time saver and will guarantee the final product looks good.

Wedding Invitation Stationery Autumn/Fall by nibgraphicsWedding Invitation Stationery (Autumn/Fall) by nibgraphics

The template is typically a downloadable PSD file that contains editable fields. Insert your information, make sure your print settings are correct, and you’re good to go.

Now over to you. Have you ever consider using a wedding invitation template? I’d love to see how it turned out!

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