By Rachael Steven


Ontario College of Art and Design graduate Jessica Bromley Bartram was named the Overall New Talent winner for her book, Sargasso, which tells the story of a man who falls in love with a drowned woman.

The book started out as a typographic stop-motion animation, but Bartram says the project “begged for more visual development” and decided to tell it through illustration instead. Created using watercolours, graphite and pencil, her illustrations feature a lovely use of colour and texture. There’s more great work on Bartram’s website too, including Frostbitten, a short book about the Canadian wilderness.

Sargasso, by Jessica Bartram
Sargasso, by Jessica Bartram

João Fazenda topped the Books Professional category with his vivid and imaginative work for a collection of Japanese folk tales translated into Portuguese. His Indian ink illustrations offer a contemporary take on Japanese visual culture and are inspired by extensive research into Japan in the 13th century.

“I was looking for something that could engage with a Japanese visual tradition yet avoiding to replicate a Japanese look,” he says. “I also referred to Yokusai, Hiroshige and Kunioshi for inspiration, whose work I’ve always admired and loved, as well as contemporary Japanese engravers I had discovered in a trip to Japan,” he says.

318_199Japanese folk tales illustrated by João Fazenda, commissioned by Joao Paulo Cotrim at Abysmo
319_199-1Japanese folk tales illustrated by João Fazenda, commissioned by Joao Paulo Cotrim at Abysmo

Edinburgh College of Art graduate George Douglas was named the Design New Talent winner for a series of posters based on classic films:

holy-mountain-finalfww_650The Holy Mountain film poster by George Douglas
le-voyage-dans-la-lune-finalfww_650Le Voyage Dans La Lune film poster by George Douglas

Chris Haughton received the Public Realm Professional award for his brilliant work for the Royal London Hospital, which we wrote about on the blog and in our April 2015 issue on healthcare. Haughton created murals for the hospital’s children’s ward as well as rugs and framed pictures.

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 12.07.52Chris Haughton’s work for Royal London Hospital, Barts Health NHS Trust, commissioned by Vital Arts’ Catsou Roberts
ChrisHaughton1Chris Haughton’s work for Royal London Hospital, Barts Health NHS Trust, commissioned by Vital Arts’ Catsou Roberts

Malika Favre won the Design Professional category for her elegant posters for this year’s BAFTAs, commissioned by Paul Willoughby at Human After All  (who designed the identity for the event):

Hero_imageThe lead image for the 2015 BAFTA Awards campaign, commissioned by Human After All’s Paul Willoughby
TOEMalika Favre/Human After All: BAFTAs
GBHMalika Favre/Human After All: BAFTAs

Charlotte Orr, who graduated from Falmouth in 2013, won the Public Realm New Talent category for her large-scale mural, Oxford Castle and the Enchanted Forest. The 120-foot long artwork depicts the castle in a moonlit forest and features key moments in its history, including the escape of Empress Matilda in 1141 from a Norman tower:

castlemural4_1000Charlotte Orr, Oxford Castle and the Enchanted Forest

Aad Goudappel is this year’s Research and Knowledge Communication Professional winner for his illustration accompanying an article on autism and how studying autistic brains may help lead to a deeper understanding of hour our minds work. The design is based on Celtic knots:

305_192Aad Goudappel, Autism, commissioned by AJ Cohen at BetterMed

And Pieter Van Eenoge won the Advertising Professional category for his artwork for Young & Rubicam Amsterdam’s for the Surfrider Foundation, which aims to discourage people from littering in the ocean.

327_204-1Pieter Van Eenoge, ‘When we pollute the ocean, we pollute ourselves’ for Surfrider Foundation, commissioned by Young & Rubicam Amsterdam

Other winners include Rebecca Hendin for an editorial illustration, Eye Spy, about surveillance in contemporary society, Oliver Kuger, who won the overall professional award for his portraits depicting Syrian refugees in Iraqi Kurdistan (shown below), Veronicha Grech for a charming illustrated book, Little Blue, about a monkey with separation anxiety and Alex Foster, who topped the Advertising New Talent category for his cheerful artwork for Totally Thames 2014:

306_193-1Alex Foster for Totally Thames 2014
Poster+in+useAlex Foster for Totally Thames 2014
326_203Oliver Kuger, Overall Professional winner at the AOI Illustration Awards 2015 for his portraits of Syrian refugees in Iraqi Kurdistan, commissioned by Commissioned by Julien Rey at Médecins Sans Frontières and Stacey Clarkson at Harper’s Magazine

You can see the full list of winners and a description of each project over on AOI’s website. The AOI World Illustration Awards exhibition is open at Seamen’s Hall, Somerset House, London WC2R 1LA until November 1. For details, see 

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