By Patrick Burgoyne

In order to try to cut the number of deaths caused by trains hitting people walking on its tracks, Mumbai’s suburban railway is employing shock tactics in the form of an extraordinary poster

On average nine people die every day on Mumbai’s rail system, some due to falling from the incredibly crowded trains but many others are hit by trains as they walk on or cross the tracks. The BBC’s recent World’s Busiest Railway documentary series revealed that Mumbai’s Central Railway has been trialling a new poster which it hopes will persuade people to use footbridges and stay off the tracks.



The poster, which is running across the network, uses a series of three black and white images of a man being hit by a train.


There’s no text, just this extraordinary sequence which perhaps borrows some of the language of Indian cinema, with its crash zooms and heightened emotions. It’s certainly difficult to think of a UK network using anything similar but, according to the programme, it’s proving effective.


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