By Amir

We just released another (and hopefully) final dev version of WPML 3.2.3. This version has passed our QA and is considered safe for development and production sites. WPML 3.2.3 comes with a long list of improvements, as well as complete compatibility with WordPress 4.3.

WordPress 4.3 updates

Like other WordPress releases, WordPress 4.3 comes with a number of enhancements and code cleanups. This means that some functions that used to exist before 4.3 are now deprecated (should no longer be used). WPML 3.2.3 includes the required changes and uses replacement functions instead of the deprecated ones.

If you are building WordPress sites right now, you should do your development on the dev version of WordPress 4.3. This way, when 4.3 is released, you don’t need to do any last-minute changes to your work. WPML 3.2.3 makes this possible. So, we recommend that you switch your development sites to WordPress 4.3 (dev) and WPML 3.2.3 (this RC).

Other improvements in WPML 3.2.3

Besides the important changes to support WordPress 4.3, this release of WPML comes with a number of important fixes and improvements.



Fixed missing parentheses in mobile switcher
Changing admin language on one site (multisite) does not sets admin language on all sites anymore
When ‘Language as Parameter’ is used, wp_link_pages() pagination produce now a properly formed URL
Fixed WPML breaking XML-RPC calls
Fixed wrong order of languages when using icl_get_languages with orderby=name
Fixed redirection issues when the same slug is used in translations with hierarchical post types
Fixed page template being unchangeable in translated content, after deactivating the “Synchronize page template” setting
Fixed “This is a translation of” being empty when creating a new translation
Fixed “This is a translation of” so it’s enabled correctly
Removed errors when deactivating WPML for a subsite in multisite install
Fixed an issue preventing subsites in a subdirectory multisite setup from completing the last setup step
Removed creation of duplicated ‘update_wpml_config_index’ cron job
Fixed domain name mapping when a domain name in one language includes the domain name from another language.
Fixed problem with Greek characters in taxonomy names causing problems with taxonomy translations editor
Fixed language switcher not filtering out empty date archive translations
Fixed issues resolving hierarchical page URLs when parent and child use the same page-slug
Fixed issue where urls pointing at hidden language posts were redirected incorrectly when using the languages as parameters setting.
Fixed ‘wpml_active_languages’ filter so it returns languages with correct data.


Improved caching of posts, taxonomy translation data, and strings
Improved performances
Wildcard entries for admin string settings now work for sub-keys on all levels in addition to top-level keys
Improved menus synchronization (by a factor of 100)

WPML Translation Management


Translation Editor shows existing translated content, if there was a previous translation
Translation Editor won’t changes language pairs for translators anymore
Titles for packages and posts won’t get mixed up in the translation jobs table anymore
Users set as translators can translate content again, using the translation editor, even if there is not a translation job created for that content

WPML String Translation


Fixed a problem with slug translation showing translated slug for English on Multilingual Content Setup when Admin language is other than English
Fixed slug translation so it works with the default permalink structure.
Fixed caching problem with admin texts which caused some admin texts to not update correctly.
Removed PHP Fatal error: Specified key was too long; max key length is 1000 bytes caused by gettext_context_md5
Fixed string scanning issues
Fixed slug translations so that they are not used when they are disabled
Fixed Auto register strings for translation
Fixed admin texts so the settings are loaded from the default language and not the administrator’s language
Fixed fatal error when an old version of WPML is active


Support multi-line strings when importing and exporting po files
Support gettext contexts in string translation
Updated dependency check module

WPML Gravity Forms Multilingual


It’s now possible to translate all “choices” options (labels and values) of fields with this property

Download and update

Since this is still not a production release, it will not be automatically delivered to your WordPress sites. To get this release candidate, log in to your WPML account and click on Downloads. Scroll to the bottom. If you have a CMS account, get the CMS_Beta_Package and unzip it. It will include ZIP files of all of WPML’s components. If you have a Blog account, download the Blog beta.

Please backup the site before upgrading. Be sure to update all WPML components that you are using.

When is the official release?

This version of WPML has passed all our testing and is ready for a public release. We are hoping to get some feedback on how this update works for you, especially on WordPress 4.3 sites. We will wait for this feedback until the beginning of next week and then hit the Publish button.


We’d love to know how this update works on your sites. If you need technical help, please create threads in our technical support forum. If these are related to this update, you can also leave a comment here with the link to the thread, and a brief description. For anything else that’s less technical, leave your comments here and we’ll reply.

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